accardiBy Fabio Accardi

Preface Alessandro De Nicola

Introduction Vincenzo Atella

Afterword Saverio Bozzolan

Cover by Rossella Iorio

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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.bs.026

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As new paradigms of Green Economy are increasingly being adopted…

This book deals with Internal Audit and Compliance, contributing to the widespread culture of risk, through concrete reference to the experience gained in this field, and through the use of case studies. The whole team of authors converges on a common Weltanschauung: in order to adequately fulfill their mission, Internal Audit should be able to frame the controls in the overall context of risks and corporate strategy. Audit plans must balance the need to conduct detailed examinations of the verification areas, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Overview and rigor of details.

This book explores the dimension of the ‘humanistic’ Internal Audit, the distinctive feature of this new puntOorg project that confirms, once again and in line with the tradition of our international research network, the importance for companies of re-establishing the centrality of the individual in order to understand the true meaning of corporate strategies: in this case, those of risk and control governance.

This book is addressed to young people, managers, and practitioners who want to approach their profession with a sense of entrepreneurship, in the service of a common cause, aligned with best practices and advanced literature on risk management, internal control, and compliance system.

It is recommended to readers who want to understand how some classic issues of modern finance and law on risk management are filtered through a plurality of angles: that of the policy-maker, the lawyer, the manager who transforms a discipline often restricted to the insiders in a discipline more accessible to everyone.

It is not recommended to readers who wish to peruse the usual book of business finance for the usual experts.