The Renato Musto Award is dedicated to a multifaceted scientist and intellectual who possesses a wide range of cultural interests. It gives continuity to the long-term project initiated and cultivated by Renato with the aim of combining knowledge in the humanities, the social sciences and the arts with scientific research. The Renato Musto Award also acknowledges the sustained contribution of Prof. Renato Musto and his enduring investment in the education and training of young people. In each edition, The Renato Musto Award is focused on a disciplinary context loved dear to Renato: from Theoretical Physics, of which he was Full Professor at the University of Naples Federico II, to Neuroscience; from Music to Politics and so on, and it will be conferred to a young scientist/researcher who has distinguished him/herself through international publication of their own scientific work.


Promoting committee:

Eliana Minicozzi (chair), Umberto di PorzioChiara Mallozzi, Fulvio Musto, Mario NicodemiCarla Perrone Capano, Antonella Prisco, Luigi Maria Sicca


Scientific secretary:

Davide Bizjak


Organizing committee 2014 edition

Eliana Minicozzi, Umberto di PorzioCarla Perrone Capano


Organizing committee 2015 edition

Eliana Minicozzi, Francesco Nicodemi, Franco Pezzella


Organizing committee 2016 edition

Eliana Minicozzi, Umberto di PorzioChiara MallozziFulvio Musto, Mario Nicodem, Carla Perrone Capano, Antonella PriscoLuigi Maria Sicca


Renato Musto Award 2014: Neuroscience

Renato Musto Award 2015: Theoretical Physics

Renato Musto Award 2016: Musicology

Renato Musto Award 2017: Vision and Ophthalmology



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