punto org book series was founded in 2010 with an anthology, edited by Luigi Maria Sicca, focused on organization and humanities in understanding managerial culture. The word 'culture' is a noun, and a verb. This explains the polysemy of the word culture. This polysemy accompanies the growth of the punto org book series.

punto org book series carries out interdisciplinary work (horizontal approach) that feeds the cross-fertilization between languages. Similarly, we work also on intradisciplinary projects. In fact, we believe that we need to go in depth (vertical approach) into research work. Through this dual approach we can grasp, probably, the potential of the scientific method and, no doubt, of the limits of research work when self-referential.

punto org book series invests on issues of subjectivity and civilization, as well as on the importance of trustworthiness and networking. Through the significance of entrepreneurship and innovation, we explore symbolism and the artifacts that are manifested through the centrality of the text and of textuality. For these reasons, we entrust ourselves to archetypes: powerful tools available to us to interpret contemporary challenges and contemporaneity.

This approach leads us to the rethink of the concept “science”, of the connections between nature and culture, of technique and technology, and then of the environment, sound and resonance - change, or resistance, or membership.










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