copertina calcagno 001by Monica Calcagno 

Foreword Francesco Izzo

Preface Andrea Moretti

Afterword Jörg Metelmann

Cover Caterina Dominici


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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.bs.031

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This book tells a story, the story of management’s hypnotic attraction towards the creative lands where all our tools strengthen their power,
assuming symbolic meaning and offering a promise of enduring value.

This book is an interdisciplinary artifact whose integral architecture cannot be organized by bringing together a sum of parts, but by mixing perspectives and scenarios.

This book talks about management and design and tries to open a perspective on why and how these two domains seem to be inevitably attracted to each other, offering a possible way to boost the current aestheticism of business.

This book does not give answers, but defines indicia to follow and traces lines the reader can identify and develop further. Because reading means interpretation and readers are investigators.

It is recommended for scholars, managers, and professionals who are trying to re-interpret their worlds, not taking for granted the frame in which they live, but accepting the right amount of chaos and creative destruction.

We dissuade readers who fear complexity and do not wish to walk in lands whose borders are ill defined.