puntOorg is an international research network coordinated by Luigi Maria Sicca and inhabited by students, teachers and researchers in the fields of management, science, philosophy and music who interact in the implementation of their research.

puntOorg encourages intradisciplinary research building a bridge from various experiences towards a path of interdisciplinary experimentation.

puntOorg is a book series, an International Journal, a Notebook series and block# for international researchers, published in Italy by Editoriale Scientifica with the aim to stimulating intellectual competition among researchers in highly rated international journals.

puntOorg is also a place of creativity, where knowledge of the ancient world and opportunities gained in pre-capitalist type of organizations find domicile and citizenship.

puntOorg relies upon millennial categories, those that with stood the test of obsolescence over time. These categories have much to teach the recent subset of formal organizations that have marked life in the modern and contemporary world. In the ordinary sense, as well as in the language of economics, we call these "enterprises": boxes of anxieties and actions, more or less productive, affecting our way of being together in a structural crisis and requiring urgent answers, perhaps multiple or lesser known, old and new.