puntOorg comes from afar. It derives from arg/erg/org (αργ /εργ /oργ). –urg: surgeon, demiurge, liturgical, dramaturge. Virgin. In English work, in German wirken, to act, Werk work, in Latin ergo.

Ergon (ἔργον) refers to any work filled with laziness, idleness (aergìa). Energheia (ἐνέργεια) means effective action (en, the intensive particle and ergon, or the ability to act). Hence human activities: agricultural, craft, but also fishing, hunting, navigation, commerce, arts.

Erga were the works for society and for the defense, through téchne (τέχνη): thinking about how to do it, how we work. Ergon, through technique, becomes virtue (aretè - ἀρετή): the result of culture or nature. Therefore organon: a collection of writings, a work tool, thought.

puntOorg is a collection of studies that brings together research both intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary in order to tackle questions related to the polysemy inherent in ergon, organon, energheia, debating on methods and training of millennial matrix.