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by Antonio Fruttaldo

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Doi: 10.19245/25.05.bs.121

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This book focuses on the intricate dynamics of Academic Discourse within the field of Organisation and Management. 

This book delves into the tensions between adhering to disciplinary conventions, on the one hand, and asserting individual identities, on the other, by exploring a corpus of papers from the European Academy of Management (EURAM) International Conference. 

This book, drawing upon previous research, investigates how specific linguistic resources mediate this delicate balance between disciplinary and individual identity construction. 

The focus of this study is on the specific linguistic resources indicative of conformity to disciplinary constraints and forms of individual expression. 

The lens used in this investigation is that of corpus-based discourse analysis, thus combining quantitative and qualitative approaches to linguistic patterns in the analysis of metadiscoursal signals of stance. 

We suggest reading this book to whoever is interested in the strategies and linguistic resources employed by scholars to reconcile the expectations of their academic community with their own forms of self-expression, contributing to the ongoing conversation surrounding identity construction and negotiation in academic contexts. 

This book is recommended for those fascinated by the study of the intersection of discourse, identity, and disciplinary conventions in academic contexts, offering valuable insights for those seeking to enhance their understanding of scholarly communication within the field of Organisation and Management. 

Readers are advised to approach this book with patience and a willingness to engage deeply with academic concepts and methodologies. This journey demands careful attention and a step-by-step exploration, rather than seeking quick implications.