Paolo ValerioPaolo Valerio is Honorary Professor in Clinical Psychology, University of Naples Federico II. He has contributed to the book series with the following work: Transformare pratiche nelle organizzazioni di lavoro e di pensiero (co-editors Stefano Oliverio and Luigi Maria Sicca), realising also the artistic installations that are reproduced in the cover and in the internal drawings, supported by Luca Carnevale, and I have a dreamwith Carmela Ferrara, Anna Lisa Amodeo, Francesco Garzillo, Giuseppe Masullo, Carolina Vesce.
He has also contributed to the book series with "Risuonare gli scarti" in Risonanze and "Il fascino indiscreto del gender“ (together with Mario Bottone), in Persone Transessuali a Cuba.
He has edited, together with Carmen Bertolazzi and Porpora Marcasciano Transformare l'organizzazione dei luoghi di detenzione and he wrote (together with Mario Bottone)   "Il fascino indiscreto del gender“  in Persone Transessuali a Cuba.
Paolo is co-Editor (together with Luigi Maria Sicca and Giuseppe Balirano) of  PIJ -  Vol 3 No 1/2 (2018) Self Narratives in Organizations: Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Experiences and co-editor (together with Cristiano Scandurra) of PIJ - Vol 4 No 1 (2019) Experiences of LGBTIQ+ Population within Healthcare Contexts. Paolo regularly attends the En attendant.., International Conferences meetings.
He has also contributed to the block project with Block #Ø.
He is author of the artwork on the cover of Corpi (dis)organizzati.