luca giustiniano Luca Giustiniano is Full professor of Business Organization and HR management, LUISS Guido Carli University.

He actively attends the En attendant.., International Conferences meetings. He has contributed ti puntOorg with "L'idolo razionale e la sua caduta", in La Quinta Disciplina (Italian edition by Luigi Maria Sicca) and with the Afterword in Fai agli altri.

He has also fostered the debate during the presentation of the IV edizione del volume O l'impresa o la vita, in occasione dell'inaugurazione del progetto LOFTLUISS Guido Carli University. He is guest editor, together with Paolo Gubitta, Giovanni Masino, Luca Solari, Teresina Torre, of "'Identity and Pluralism: Who am I? What are we? How are we?' – A reflection on Seeking, Giving and Making sense of organizing in a fluid, uncertain and digitized world"of puntOorg international Journal.