solariLuca Solari is Full professor of Business Organization and HR Management, University of Milan. He has contributed to puntOorg with “La non neutralità dei modelli di gestione delle risorse umane” in Transformare le pratiche nelle organizzazioni di lavoro e di pensiero. He is also co-editor (together with Luca Giustiniano, Paolo Gubitta, Giovanni Masino and Teresina Torre) of the pIJ Thematic Issue Identity and Pluralism: Who am I? What are we? How are we?” – A reflection on Seeking, Giving and Making sense of organizing in a fluid, uncertain and digitized worldHe also contributed to puntOorg with "Lo sguardo dell'organizzazione aziendale sul mobbing" in Mobbing. Narrazioni individuali e organizzative and with the preface of Organizing Decision-Making Systems.