Foto BarbaraBarbara Czarniawska is Senior Professor of Management Studies, Gothenburg Research Institute, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. The italian edition of Narrative in social science research (London, Sage Publishing, 2004) is published for puntOorg book series as La narrazione nelle scienze sociali, edited by Luigi Maria Sicca, Francesco Piro, Ilaria Boncori. Furthermore, the Italian edition of A theory of organizing is published for puntOorg book series as Per una teoria dell'organizzare (edited by Luigi Maria Sicca). Formerly the book chapter "Strong Plots: Popular Culture in Management Practice and Theory" written together with Carl Rodhes has been published  in Leggere e scrivere organizzazioni as "Trame forti: la cultura di massa nella teoria e nella pratica del management". She has also contributed with the foreword of Mobbing. Narrazioni individuali e organizzative. Barbara has contributed to puntOorg also as Guest editor (togheter with Gianluca Miscione, Elena Raviola,  Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira and Emre Tarim) of pIJ Call for paper Organizing Outside Organizations.